Sheena Crawford

Behaviour Interventionist

scSheena Crawford is currently a residential supervisor in an ABA Teaching Home with Arcus Community Resources. She has worked as a Behaviour Interventionist for 4.5 years, and has been supervisor of 3 homes. As the residential supervisor, Sheena manages a team of up to 8 Behavioural Instructors implementing ABA curriculum with the residents of the home and with the staff to provide staff training and to target performance goals. Previously, Sheena worked on home ABA teams, and has worked under several BCBA Behaviour Consultants implementing a wide range of ABA curricula.

Sheena has completed the Douglas College BI Certificate program and is currently working toward increasing her experience with management in the ABA Teaching Home setting, and furthering her experience working with adult learners.


Conference and Public Speaking Experience

  • Co-Presenter, BC-ABA Conference, Vancouver, March 2014:
    ‘What Comes After Academics: Teaching Leisure and Vocational Skills, and The Desensitization of Medical Procedures To Adolescent and Adult Learners’.
  • Co-Presenter, BC-ABA Conference, Vancouver, BC, March 2014:
    Poster titled, ‘Using Public Posting to Improve Staff Data Completion’.