Harley Lang

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

HL 2015

Applied Behaviour Analysis piqued my interest years ago when I was just beginning my undergraduate studies. Ever since, I have spent my time implementing evidence-based interventions under the supervision of board-certified behaviour analysts, reading the behaviour analytic literature, and furthering my knowledge of the behaviour analytic realm.

Currently I provide services as Junior Behaviour Consultant to a small population of children and adolescents in a variety of settings. Previously, I provided direct 1:1 services at camps and for the Surrey School District. As a BI, I made great efforts to cater to the individuals interests in order to better facilitate behaviour change. As an consultant, my primary interest is operating in the best interest of the client.

While working as a BI and an consultant, I have also involved myself in many different personal and professional projects. Previously, I have completed coursework at Simon Fraser University, Douglas College, Kwaltlen Polytechnic University, Surrey College, and St. Cloud State University. Additionally, I previously sat on British Columbia’s Association for Applied Behaviour Analysis (BC-ABA) board as a student representative. My participation with the board played a crucial role in establishing BC’s first student-led special interest group: BC-ABA’s Student Alliance. Please contact me directly for further information at: aba@harleylang.com.